In Episode Two, Five rises silently on the bridge while the rest of the crew, is reeling from the knowledge gained about their previous lives, and discuss what their options are. They understand that they were employed by Ferrous Corp to wipe out the residents of the Mining Colony. Later, Five is sitting solely on the bridge gazing at the pictures of the crew when the Android surprises from behind before squatting down beside her. The Android asks Five if she is now frightened of the crew. When Five questions her if she should be, the Android tells her that they all have violent pasts. Five states that what matters is who they are now. The Android replies that while that is a commendable attitude, it is a probably dangerous and foolish one. Five relates the situation to the Android’s earlier endeavor and trying to kill the crew based on a deleted program directive. The Android concludes that Five is upset based on physical tells and pheromone levels; Five informs her that she is glad that she is the only one without a computer file and therefore not one of the crew. Five questions how she got on board the Raza and where she actually belongs. The Android tells Five that one day she might be lucky not to be counted part of the crew. Five says that she just needs to be part of the team. Before departing the Android, Five tells her that telling people she can smell their pheromones won’t win her any friends. You can’t stop things from being seen by an android, its not like having 3m window film there is no privacy.

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Derrick Moss

Derrick Moss was a billionaire CEO who had his face surgically reconstructed to make himself look indistinguishable to the lowlife hitman Jace Corso so he could gain Corso’s place and board the Raza following his wife, Catherine Moss, was murdered, presumably by Marcus Boone. After the Raza’s crew unexpectedly encountered a memory wipe, Derrick was the first one to arise from stasis and was named “One” for this reason. Similarly, Boone was appointed “Three,” but of course, One had misremembered that he believed Three had killed his wife, and that he despised him.

One is both sweet and goofy. He is the ethical compass for the crew of the Raza, dispensing both integrity and the will to fight for what is true even if it appears to be a lost cause. He does have faults, but he always means well in the end. This reminds me of my friend Dave, who broke my iphone by dropping it and cracking the screen, lucky for him iphone 6 screen repair is easy to get done in Calgary. Continue reading

Dark Matter Pilot Part 1

The crew of the derelict spaceship Raza, awake from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got aboard. Naming themselves in the order, from when they woke up in (one through six) the team try to get their bearings. They soon realize they are the crew of a ship carrying weapons.

When they divided up to explore further, Three (Marcus Boone) uncovers more than he bargained for when he discovers the pod holding an Android. After a one-sided fight, Two (Portia Lin) is able to incapacitate and reboot The Android, deficient her security protocols. Upon learning The Android’s is connected to the ship’s operation’s, the crew asks for any data on the ship, and it’s passengers. When they learn the data has been deliberately erased, they are uncertain who was the suspect. Separating from the group, Four tours the cargo hold. He opens a locker and removes a secret panel at the back, revealing a mysterious small box.

While The Android teaches Two (Portia Lin) how to perform maintenance, they pick up another ship on their long range scanner. The ship discharges two missiles at the Raza. Performing evasive tactics, The Android is able to evade collision with the shots. However, while this was happening the artificial gravity is affected, and Five (Das) is hurt. Grouped in the med lab, the crew learn The Android was able to retrieve some of the missing data including the ship’s original destination. This information allowed them to set course, while the crew get some much-needed rest. While relaxing, Jace finds a pendant in his sleeping quarters.

When the Raza starts the descent into orbit a few of the crew board the shuttle, which is a Phantom Class Marauder. Two (Portia Lin) and Five (Das) linger behind, while the others move their way down to the planet in the Marauder. Upon landing, the crew is greeted by residents of the Mining Colony at gunpoint. After stating they didn’t arrive to hurt anyone, they all agree to lower their weapons. The colony citizens, Nassan, Keeley and Mireille, tell the company they are anticipating hostiles at any moment. A race designated the Raza who are half-human half-reptile and seven feet tall. They are leased by multi-corps to take out “problems” such as the colony who have discovered themselves in a gold mining operation so to speak.

Dark Matter Pilot Part 2

A corporation identified as Ferrous Corp requires the residents displaced. This allows Ferrous Corp to use their land for housing their private miners so they can post a claim on an asteroid belt nearby. When questioned how the colony prepares to defend itself, Nassan tells the crew they bought a shipment of weapons which they intend to use to defend themselves.

Ready to part, Three (Marcus Boone) and Four (Ryo Tetsudo) start to the Marauder with stocks from the group. One (Jace Corso) pauses to speak to Mireille, asking her about a locket she is carrying. Mireille reveals to One (Jace Corso) the pendant is a representation of freedom versus repression and that will be worn by the people coming to assist them. The pendant is indistinguishable to that Jace obtained in his sleeping quarters. Heading back to the vessel One (Jace Corso) faces the crew, stating they are intended to help the colony. Once back on the ship, a vote is taken to decide whether they should grant assistance or hold onto the weapons. After much deliberation it is decided half the hardware will go to the colony and share will be kept.

Several of the crew pile up the Marauder with weapons set to take to the colony. Two (Portia Lin) and Five (Das) join The Android on the bridge, and she states she has revealed more of the lost data. The first piece is a corrupted picture of an anonymous man. The residual information is titles and background knowledge for six of the seven crew members. On viewing the information Two (Portia Lin) and Five (Das) are noticeably distressed. Two (Portia Lin) calls over the comms for the crew to proceed to the bridge quickly. On arrival, The Android displays the data which explains each of the crew is an unlawful band, and the Raza is not a race; it is the name of their ship. They are the crew of the Raza assigned to eliminate the colony residents.

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